JUST PUBLISHED: “Schools under Extreme Conditions” – special issue of “Bildung und Erziehung”

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The educational and public discourses about failing schools has become quite intensive in the past two decades. The special issue of the journal “Bildung und Erziehung” expands this discussion to include an international perspective and investigates schools that lack basic conditions for their functioning that might be taken for granted in the modern society. The articles examine different schools under extreme conditions. Inter alia, they investigate how schools function in crisis regions, and an article investigated the so-called “forest schools” in occupied Belarus during World War II. The special issues also addresses recent developments in German schools with regard to the consequences of forced migration and lack of teachers. The special issue contributes to the current discussion about the theories of school and illustrates the potential of historical and international comparative perspectives for examining failing schools.

Link to the publication: https://www.vr-elibrary.de/toc/buer/72/2