Teacher Education and Society: Potentials and Innovations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

A joint project of the Chair of Diversity Education and International Educaitonal Research and Professorship of Professorship for Teaching Economy and Law in cooperation with Salahaddin University-Erbil (SUH) (2019 – 2021)

The project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office (AA).

Project leader: and Prof. Dr. Anatoli Rakhkochkine and Prof. Dr. Holger Arndt

Project members: Maximilian Höldl and Emel Löffelholz


Description of the project

The goal of the project that is implemented in cooperation with the Salahaddin University in Erbil is to create sustainable structures and academic capacities in teacher education in the Kurdistan Region (Iraq) with regard to  teaching, research, and the so-called Third Mission (university’s interaction with the society through innovation transfer, training, service learning and social engagement). The interaction between higher education and society is crucial for the field of teacher education, in particular for such issues as theory-practice relationship, the implementation of regionally significant research into practice or the acceptance of educational ideas (e.g., inclusion) among parents and other stakeholders. The project addresses current problems of teacher education and takes into account the current political, social and economic situation in the Kurdistan region. It focuses on two innovative thematic fields (Diversity Education with a particular emphasis on human rights and Entrepreneurship Education) and contributes to the modernization of teacher education in the region. The project contributes to the development of teaching, research, university structures, and university management, supports young academics, and promotes regional and international networks between university and non-university actors. Through professional and cultural exchange, the project strengthens the expertise of FAU in research areas of Middle East Economy and Society, (international) teacher education research, and the international and intercultural dimension of teacher education.

Project activities

Training Programme for University Teachers from Erbil (Kurdistan Region, Iraq) at FAU as part of the project “Teacher Education and Society: Potentials and Innovations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq”